The Importance of Retreats

During each retreat, we see students connect with the Lord and with one another in unmistakable ways. Many of our alumni look back on retreats as one of the most memorable experiences they had as a SACS student. 

5th Grade Retreat

Each Spring, our 5th graders spend an extended school day at T Bar M Camp. The focus of this retreat is to inspire and motivate our 5th graders by teaching them how to live a life defined by Christ, and how to lead others well. We hope to speak life into them as they prepare to make the transition into middle school, and give them wisdom that will serve them well not only in the next stage, but throughout their life. 

5th grade

Middle School Retreats

Our fall middle school retreats are unique for each age group. We offer a retreat for 7th and 8th graders as well as a separate retreat for 6th graders. SACS seeks to embody intentionality in all that we do, so we tailor each retreat to the age group of the students participating. For middle school retreats, there are chapel and worship services with minimal distractions, and students are taught how to take sermon notes so that they can revisit concepts taught. Many outdoor and group activities are scheduled, as well as mealtimes where students can get to know one another as well as the SACS staff that pours into them each and every day. We see immense growth during our middle school retreats, and we are excited to see how God continues to use them to make a difference in our students' lives! 

High School Fall Retreat

Each Fall, high school students attend a 3-day retreat together at Camp Eagle. The focus is to set the spiritual tone for the upcoming school year as well as unify the high school. Our seniors serve as small group leaders for the lowerclassmen which allows for students to see the seniors lead by example. We desire for students to connect with God, nature, and one another! Seniors travel to Retreat one day early, and spend their first night at camp preparing to lead the underclassmen spiritually, and reflecting together on their memories at SACS. 

girls smiling retreat

Junior Spring Retreat

One of our favorite traditions at SACS is the Junior Retreat. Our Juniors spend two days at T Bar M dedicated to preparing to lead the high school when they become seniors. They spend time reflecting on their time as students and praying about the leadership they wish to carry into the next school year!

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What Students Say

Hudson Spangenthal

Middle School Student

"Retreat at T Bar M as a fifth grader was a great experience. We had a chance to learn more about God and about how to be a godly friend. We got to build on our current friendships as well through group activities and games. In the chapels, we learned about the character of God- how He is Provider, Healer, and about His greatness. It was an amazing time to learn ...

Jensen Jedrziewski

Middle School Student

“I loved retreat because I was able to get closer to God. We had a handful of chapels and devotionals and each one was very impactful to me. Retreat was also a great time for me to take my mind off of school and put it solely on the Lord. The fall retreat was an experience like nothing I have ever had before!" 

Emma Kate Scott

High School Student

"During every SACS retreat I have gone to, something amazing has happened either in my heart or in the heart of one of my classmates. The best part of retreat is the intentional time we have to focus on growing our relationships with our classmates and the Lord. This intentionality is possible because we get to be unplugged from our phones and from the ...