College Guidance

College guidance begins in the spring of a student’s eighth grade year. At this time, students meet with a counselor to review and select their courses for the following year.

Throughout their high school career, students attend individual and group sessions which focus on academic advising, college admissions test preparation, extracurricular involvement, career and college major exploration, college selection, the college application process and scholarship searches.

The Guidance Department encourages students and parents to meet with them to discuss the path to graduation for their student as needed. We strive to ensure our students and their families are well-prepared and informed as they determine colleges or universities of interest.

Students may meet with the College Guidance Director to learn more about college majors and to explore different career options as they discover their gifts and identify long-range interests. Students are encouraged to job shadow in a field of interest.

College Selection and Application

Students and parents receive information about colleges and the application process on College Information Night. Throughout the year, the Guidance Office will host various college admissions representatives on the SACS campus for students to meet with and obtain information. There is a college information center in the Guidance Office and two featured Universities on the Guidance Office Board that rotate frequently. In addition, SACS participates in a College Fair that hosts 150 colleges from all over the nation each year.

Starting their junior year, students begin the college application process working closely with the guidance office.

Scholarship Search

Students are provided with an extensive list of national, state, local, and university specific scholarships and are given assistance when applying.


Colleges & Universities SACS Graduates Attended


General Academic Guidance Offerings

Academic Advising

Starting their freshman year, students meet annually with our college guidance director to select courses for the following year and build a four-year plan.  Each year, this plan will be reviewed and adjusted to accommodate new interests and college plans.

Students are advised to take the most challenging courses in which they can be successful and that meet the requirements of the specific colleges and universities in which they are interested in attending.


Students take the PSAT and ACT Aspire tests. We recommend that students take the SAT and/or ACT college entrance exams during their junior year with the option to retake their senior year. Test prep resource information is available through the guidance office.

School Counseling

School counselors support the social, emotional, and academic wellbeing of students by providing brief, short-term, solution focused counseling on campus. Our School Counselor is trained to address and support the social and emotional needs of students and to assist families seeking resources for long-term therapeutic support as needed.

As Proverbs 4:23 states, "Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." At SACS, we offer a whole-hearted approach to support the mind, spirit, and body while keeping aligned with our biblical worldview. Our School Counselor is committed to providing resources to help students and families in all areas of their lives.