School Governance


San Antonio Christian School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity whose mission is to partner with families to provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service.  The School follows the Carver Model of corporate governance for nonprofit organizations. The School operates in accordance with its bylaws, and decision making is governed by school policies. The day to day operations of the school are managed by the Superintendent and principals.  


When addressing any problems, questions or issues, we follow the Matthew 18 principle from God’s Word.  Parents should meet with the teacher first. If the issue is not resolved, then meet with the principal. If the issue is not still not resolved, meet with the Superintendent.  If the matter cannot be resolved at the Superintendent level and violates school policy, the individual or family may appeal to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Colin Blair, Chairman

Brandon Carter, Vice-Chairman

JJ Trevino, Secretary

Jon McDowell, Treasurer

Court Allen

Trey Moore

Matthew Young

Rick Morgan

Fernando Lozano

Chris Arnold

Rob Green


The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who meet monthly or, as needed, to provide oversight and establish policies for the administration of the school.  New directors are elected per the school policy which was set up at the inception of the school in 1972. Directors are nominated and voted on by the Board.  

A member of the Board of Directors is based on the qualifications of an elder as set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1:5-9.  The Board looks to nominate men that are involved in the school as volunteers, especially if they have served on one of the school committees or the SACS Foundation.  

Monthly Board meetings are open to all parents, as we desire for you to meet the men that serve as directors. Most meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month. We are always looking to connect with parents that care deeply about the school and want to be involved.

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