School Governance


San Antonio Christian School is a 501©(3) nonprofit entity whose mission is to partner with families to provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service.  The school follows the Carver model of corporate governance for non-profit organizations.  We place an emphasis on vision, rather than internal preoccupation, strategic leadership more than administrative detail, clear distinction of Board and chief executive roles, collective rather than individual decisions, future rather than past or present, and proactivity rather than reactivity.


We designate in policy and practice, the Head of School as the primary employee of the Board and has authority over the vital operations of the school, including, but not limited to, personnel decisions, admissions, student discipline, curriculum, and budget management.  Our policies and structure are designed to promote accountability, unity, educational excellence, and institutional best practice. 


The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who meet monthly, or as needed, to provide oversight and establishes policies for the administration of the school.  We are a self-perpetuating board that adheres to a nominating process that has clearly stated objectives and qualifications. Each member prayerfully considers the importance of their calling as a board member and we seek God’s continued blessings on our school.

Board of Directors


Brandon Carter, Chairman

Jon McDowell, Vice-Chairman

Fernando Lozano- Treasurer

Chris Arnold- Secretary

Holly Youngquist

JJ Trevino

Court Allen

Trey Moore

Matthew Young

Rob Green