Nurturing Learning

Students in our elementary program, experience learning in a nurturing classroom environment.  Each day begins with pledges, songs, and prayer. Students attend chapel once a week. Bible is at the heart of everything we do, so all subjects and activities are biblically integrated with the distinct purpose of imparting a view of life that is God-centered.

We seek to encourage each student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ, guiding them in forming Christ-like attitudes and a Godly value system.

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Areas of Study


Children form beliefs and values early in life, which influence how students interpret knowledge and govern how they act. Our Bible curriculum is designed to help students develop these areas from a solid Christian perspective. In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a Biblical perspective of the world and then live accordingly.


1st Grade

Students learn about our nation’s origin, formation, and growth. They will gain an understanding about family, community, state, and country within the confines of God’s wonderful world. 

2nd Grade

Students step back into history and learn what life was like in our country’s early days. Groups of people that made valuable contributions to our American heritage are studied along with the history of the flag, patriotic songs, and holidays.

3rd Grade

The history of America is experienced through the lives of men and women who have played an important role in the forming of our great country. The emphasis is on patriotism, character development, and the contributions of these famous Americans.  Map skills are also an integral part of the 3rd grade history curriculum.

4th Grade 

There are two semesters of history in 4th grade.  The first semester is designated to cover world history and geography beginning in the 1700s and ending in present day.  The second semester is an immersion into the rich heritage of Texas history. 

5th Grade

Students study world history and geography. The text takes a narrative approach that brings to life famous people, world events, and Christianity vs. other religions.  Continents and countries are studied, along with their cultures and way of life.


Our science program teaches the order and design of God’s wonderful creation. The science modules provide hands-on experiments, activities, and observations.


Saxon Math provides an incremental approach to math that gives students a consistent review of concepts, strengthens computation skills, and better prepares them for higher levels of math.

Language Arts

With a guided reading approach, students are taught through varied genres to help instill a love for reading. Lessons check literal, interpretive, critical, and appreciative comprehension through oral discussions and word text pages. Novels and/or supplemental books are integrated throughout the year to enhance the learning experience.

1st Grade

  • Language – First grade language arts uses multi-sensory methods to strengthen grammar skills and writing connections.
  • Spelling – Weekly words are based upon skills learned in language and phonics. 
  • Penmanship – This area is taught and practiced in conjunction with other subject areas.

2nd Grade

  • Language – Second grade language arts uses multi-sensory methods to strengthen grammar skills and writing connections.
  • Spelling – Weekly words are based upon skills that correlate with current language and phonics units. The words are typically introduced in word families, by specific phonetic sounds, and as high frequency words that may not follow typical patterns.
  • Penmanship – This is taught and practiced in conjunction with other subject areas. Cursive is introduced during the 2nd semester. 

3rd Grade

  • Language – Third grade language arts uses multi-sensory methods to strengthen grammar skills and writing connections.
  • Spelling – Strategies include a phonetic approach to decoding and encoding words. The words are typically introduced based on phonetic patterns. Additionally, high frequency words that may not follow typical patterns will be introduced in each lesson.
  • Penmanship – Cursive writing will be taught throughout all subject areas.

4th Grade

  • Language/Writing – Emphasis is placed on using language correctly in the written process. The students learn the eight parts of speech and sentence diagramming.  Students demonstrate proficiency by writing paragraphs, letters, stories, poems, book reports, general reports, etc.
  • Spelling – Fourth grade spelling is designed to teach phonetic principles, sound-letter relationships, visual memory, and vocabulary building. 
  • Penmanship – Quality handwriting is encouraged in all subjects. 

5th Grade

  • Language/Writing – Emphasis is given to the eight parts of speech; identifying them within text, recognizing proper use, and actively using each part of speech to enhance quality writing.
  • Spelling – Fifth grade spelling focuses on short vowels, long vowels, syllables, compound words, antonyms, synonyms, contractions, suffixes, prefixes, blends, endings, silent letters, etc. 
  • Penmanship – Quality handwriting is encouraged in all subjects.
  • Music
  • Art
  • STEM
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Physical Education

Weekly Elementary Chapel

Monday mornings our elementary school attends a chapel service. Our chapel services are fun, energetic and honoring to our Lord. We start the service with praise & worship and prayer. We sometimes invite guest speakers to share a story, testimony or skit.

Our hope is to bring a Bible story or age appropriate message to life for our students. Parents and family members are always welcome!


Summer Reading Fun!

Summer provides many opportunities for parents and young children to enjoy unforgettable books together. We encourage parents to strike a beautiful balance between reading and real adventure. Below are links for REQUIRED summer reading for Elementary Students (new this year) and a link to a document with suggested titles by grade level. Have fun reading together!

Summer Reading

Areas of Study

100th Day of School

Service Projects

Field Trips

Rodeo Day

Grandparent's Day

Field Day


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