Christ-centered learning in a nurturing environment

As a parent, you know just how much a positive elementary school experience can impact your child. You realize that your child is entering a more structured classroom environment. You’re figuring out how your child learns best, and you understand that they’ll need the right amount of support to be successful.

Of course, the foundation they build in elementary school will play a significant factor in their academic success in middle school and beyond. You want them to be in a nurturing environment with teachers who care as much about their spiritual growth as they do about academic progress.

In these critical early years of your child’s development, you want a partner who will come alongside your child to help strengthen their understanding of the Christian faith.


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Our Philosophy of Education

When children have a strong sense of identity in their formative years, it provides a strong foundation they can build on in middle school, high school, and beyond.

At San Antonio Christian School, we partner with San Antonio area families to provide a Christ-centered education. Each one of our students is encouraged to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. We’re a private Christian school with an unwavering commitment to fostering a life of faith and service, even among our youngest learners.

The education experience at SACS is intentionally designed to complement the values you teach your child at home. Our qualified staff creates engaging lessons that challenge and inspire students. At the same time, our caring teachers nurture and shepherd their children in pursuit of the Lord’s excellence in a warm environment that truly feels like an extension of the home.

Scripture is at the heart of everything our elementary students do, so all subjects and activities are biblically integrated with the distinct purpose of imparting a Christ-centered worldview.

That mission is reflected throughout the school — from the firm foundation built in our pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary classrooms to the middle and high school programs.

“I love SACS because my children wake up each morning excited for school. The teachers at SACS care about my children’s growth as a person, not just as a student. We chose SACS because of their commitment to Christ, their rigorous (but achievable) academics, and opportunities to participate in strong athletics and Fine Arts programs. My children have grown in every aspect of life since starting SACS. My only regret is not enrolling them sooner.”

Muehlstein Family

Muehlstein Family

Key Distinctives

Strong Academics & Biblical Worldview

In elementary school, your child will discover how God’s truth touches every aspect of life. Every subject, every class, every program, and every activity is designed to point our students to the Creator.

Our students achieve academic success through creative, collaborative learning experiences that bring core subjects to life.

At the elementary level, areas of study include:


In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical worldview and live accordingly.


Students dive into history through the lens of a different focus such as: timelines, World War I and II, Inventors throughout history, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle Ages, and Explorers to Present Age. 


Focuses on the order and design of God’s creation. Science modules feature hands-on experiments, activities, and observations. Each grade level focuses on a different day of the Creation Story with specialties in Chemistry, Astronomy, Anatomy, Oceanography, and Biology of Land Animals. 


The popular Saxon Math curriculum utilizes a proven incremental approach to learning match concepts. Children also enjoy engaging activities such as the fraction-focused Math Cookie Lab.

Language Arts

A guided reading approach that sharpens language, spelling, and penmanship in all grades partnered with a strong writing emphasis.

  • Music
  • Library 
  • Physical Education
  • STEM
  • Art 
  • Technology Center

Engaging Enrichment Experiences

The elementary program at SACS is a vibrant, hands-on experience. Our students achieve academic success through creative, collaborative learning experiences that bring core subjects to life.

  • STEM
    Your child will develop a love for science, technology, engineering, and math through fun, creative projects ranging from making snow or designing a Viking ship, to building a to-scale whale tail or and mummifying a hot dog as they study Ancient Egypt.
  • The Arts
    Children express themselves through music, plays, and dance, and develop their artistic skills during drawing, painting, and sculpting activities. All of our fine arts activities are designed to help students grow in their understanding of God and His creation.
  • Physical Education
    Our kids are constantly up and moving. They can cut loose during P.E. and channel their energy into a healthy blend of organized and free-play activities. Field day is a favorite tradition that allows kids to showcase athletic skills during fun events and games.
  • Service
    Beyond Bible and weekly chapel service, elementary schoolers experience extraordinary spiritual and character growth as they see biblical principles in action. They’ll have opportunities to support missionaries and participate in our service field trip.
  • After-School Clubs
    There’s something for everyone! We offer clubs for those interested in Legos, robotics, theater, cooking, music, and more. Clubs at SACS are just some of the ways we intentionally build a sense of community among our younger learners at SACS.

Teacher Feature

Sydney Arnett - 3rd Grade Teacher

Degree: She has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching Experience: Public School for 10 years and this is her first year at SACS!

“Being entrusted to lead students in the classroom is a blessing I am very grateful for. I treasure the relationships that have been built with these children and their families and I am thankful that I get to spend my days here doing what I enjoy at a place I really enjoy. I cherish getting to work alongside individuals who love Christ and want to lead and love students well.”

ES Playground

Safety First

We have made significant investments to keep our students physically and emotionally safe. This commitment starts with campus safety (secure facilities and technology solutions) and people safety (faculty/staff background checks, safety drills, secure drop-off/pickup).

At SACS, our teachers model godly values, and our optimal class sizes mean that our faculty and staff can get to know, love, and pray for each student. This dynamic helps us understand each student’s gifts, challenges, and potential.

The emphasis we put on safety creates an environment that helps children thrive. We know that’s what you want for your child — to see them flourish and excel as they build confidence and develop the skills they need for middle school and beyond.

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