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Alumni Legacy

For more than 50 years, San Antonio Christian School has partnered with parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their children. 

These students graduate and go into the world to make a positive impact. Log into the Alumni Portal to connect with other San Antonio Christian School graduates!


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SACS Legacy Families

Many SACS Alumni choose a SACS education for their own children. Hear what Julianne Posey (Class of 2004) has to say about her family's experience as a Legacy Family. 


"When I was a student, SACS  was a second home and place of Christian community for me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend SACS, and for the foundation of Truth it provided for me as I transitioned through childhood, high school, college, and now as a parent. We are so happy to be back and carrying on the legacy of a Christ-centered education for our children."






Alumni Testimonials

Austin Hotchkiss

Class of 2018, Current SACS Employee

"I chose to return to SACS because it feels like home. I attended this school from Kinder through 12th grade. I feel blessed to be back and I am super excited to reconnect with and serve this community. I love what this school stands for and how the people here serve one another." 

Colton Willis

Class of 2010, SACS Employee, Legacy Parent

"San Antonio Christian School had a lasting impact on my life growing up. Being in an environment of family, faith and community is something I want to pass down to my children as well." 

Brandon Hamner

Class of 2008, Current SACS Employee

"SACS impacted my life most through the Christian community I found here, and the grounding of my worldview. SACS was where my faith grew from a distant concept to foundation of my whole life." 

Audra Beaty

Class of 2015, SACS Employee

"SACS was a safe place for me to grow, question, and learn. I am thankful for the countless memories and staff members that chose to invest in me. I still recall many of the life lessons passed down to me from SACS educators, and I do not think I would love the Lord as wholly as I do now without their influence in my life." 

Jordan Sugg

Class of 2002, SACS Employee, SACS Legacy Parent

Dr. Brandon Harrell

Class of 1996, SACS Legacy Parent

"I would hope that my sons would look back 20 years from now, like I do, and say that SACS helped to establish a foundation of their faith, while at the same time educating them in all necessary ways so that they can succeed in whatever God is calling them to do. We send our kids to SACS for two reasons- to reinforce that Jesus is the center of everything, and to ...