What is the SACS Foundation?

Founded in 2015, the San Antonio Christian School Foundation is a nonprofit organization that manages endowments and other planned giving gifts for the benefit of SACS students and teachers.  Receiving gifts for SACS through a separate nonprofit foundation has multiple benefits.  Gifts are invested to increase earnings.  Funds are used for purposes designated by donors.  Short-term and long-term financial advantages are received by both donors and San Antonio Christian School.  The Foundation raises and distributes its funds solely for the benefit of San Antonio Christian School


Ways to Give

Foundation gifts assure future support of San Antonio Christian School through a variety of financial agreements between the SACS Foundation and its donors.  Planned gifts can improve your personal finances while making a tremendous difference in the education and spiritual teaching of SACS students.  If you want to create a planned gift to SACS, the Foundation staff will work with you, your attorney and other financial advisor to design the best gift plan for your individual situation.  Brief descriptions of current, after-lifetime and dual-benefit gifts follow.


Current Gifts

Check, credit card and electronic funds make a quick and easy gift.  Write a check, give online or set up a funds transfer to the SACS Foundation.

Gifts of publicly held stocks, closely held stocks, bonds and mutual funds avoid capital gains when securities are transferred to the SACS Foundation.

Real Estate
Gifts of home, oil and gas royalty interests, vacation property, commercial property and land generate tax benefits through a property gift to the SACS Foundation.

Term Royalty Deed
Generate tax benefits through a temporary transfer of mineral royalties to the Foundation.

Intangible Property
Generate tax benefits by donating patents, copyrights, royalties, and other intangible property to the Foundation.

Donor-Advised Fund
Receive maximum tax benefits now and recommend charitable grants when and where you choose.


After-Lifetime Gifts

Control assets during your lifetime and designate the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust.  Please contact a SACS Foundation representative for suggested bequest language.

Retirement Account
Designate the Foundation as beneficiary of your retirement account and avoid double taxation on your retirement assets.

Life Insurance
Change the beneficiary or transfer ownership of your life insurance policy to the Foundation and make a gift without using current assets.

Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Include a charitable trust in your will or living trust that pays your beneficiaries for life.  The Foundation receives the remainder.


Dual-Benefit Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuity
Give cash or securities to fund a gift annuity and receive fixed payments for life.  The Foundation receives the remainder.

Charitable Remainder Trust
Transfer cash or appreciated property to fund a trust that sells your property and provides you with payments for life or a term of years.  The Foundation receives the remainder.

Charitable Lead Trust
Transfer cash or property to fund a trust that makes gifts to the Foundation for a term of years.  Your family receives the remainder.

Retained Life Estate
Give your property to the Foundation but retain the right to use the property during your life or the life of a beneficiary.

Part Unitrust, Part Sale
Deed a portion of your real estate into a charitable remainder trust.  After the property is sold, you receive your portion of the proceeds, and your trust receives its share.

Bargain Sale
The Foundation purchases your property for less than fair market value.  Your gift is the difference between the market value and the purchase price.

Primary Giving Programs

First day (2)-1

A planned gift or a cash gift to the SACS Foundation should reflect your interests, desires, and legacy.  A Foundation representative will work with you to create a gift agreement that designates specific criteria for SACS families and teachers you want to assist. 

The following two primary programs have been established to support SACS families and teachers.



Superintendent’s Scholars

San Antonio Christian School has a goal to provide Christian education to every family that desires it.  The barrier to enrollment for many families is financial.  Gifts to the Superintendent’s Scholars Program allows SACS to partner with a growing number of families to provide a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service.


Faculty Chair

Knowledgeable, creative, and devoted faculty members are essential to the continued success of San Antonio Christian School.  Providing a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service takes special people.  To remain competitive with both public and private schools in San Antonio, SACS must retain and reward its most successful faculty members.

Named Endowments

Movement toward forming the SACS Foundation began with an anonymous gift in 2012.  These SACS Scholarship Fund assets were transferred to the SACS Foundation in 2015 to provide ongoing scholarship support for families with limited income.  As of September 22, 2021, the SACS Foundation endowment totaled $717,750.00.  We are profoundly grateful to all endowment donors.  Below are names of SACS Foundation endowment funds with an eventual value of $100,000 or more.


The Bruce and Kathleen Johnson Mathematics Faculty Endowment provides continuing education for SACS mathematics faculty instructors to prepare students for upper-level college mathematics through instruction and technology.

The Frost Faculty Chair fund was established in 2018 to help SACS retain and reward its most successful faculty members.

The SACS Scholarship Fund was established by an anonymous gift in 2012, and the fund provides scholarship support for families with limited income. 

SACS Foundation Board of Directors

The primary objectives of the SACS Foundation Board of Directors are attracting, receiving, stewarding, investing, managing, and expending gifts designated for the benefit of San Antonio Christian School.


Mark Oppelt - President

Holly Youngquist - Treasurer/Vice President

Pat Frost - Secretary



Holly Youngquist, Pat Frost, JJ Trevino, David Youngdale, Elliot Goudge, Janet Green


Lydia Adams - Foundation and Development Director

Phone: 210-248-1636
Email: ladams@sachristian.org

19202 Redland Road (Building Z)
San Antonio, Texas 78259

Questions about the SACS Foundation?