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SACS Families

For more than 50 years, San Antonio Christian School has partnered with parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their children. 

Let our families tell you what led them to SACS, what their children love about being a SACS student, and the experiences they say reaffirm their decision to be part of the SACS family.

The Stevenson Family

The Patterson Family

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SACS Students

The SACS partnership is with parents, teachers and   students.  We believe God brings each one to our school for a purpose and with a great plan for them. Hear from some of our middle school students about how they see Jesus in their teachers, in their friends,  and what makes middle school at SACS unlike any other. 

Caroline Davis Kyle Pepper

Ainsley Travis

Lexie Hollingsworth Elhanan Tariku

Nayeli Mendoza Gage Murillo






What People Are Saying

Ainsley Travis


On why she loves being a SACS student:

All the [teachers] give you a chance to shine, to be yourself without putting a lot of pressure on you.

John Ferguson


We love, appreciate and treasure that SACS mirrors our Christian value system, emboldening our children’s faith in the important value children need to navigate an often untraversable world.

Gage Murillo


You tend to think of teachers as someone who tells you to do stuff. At SACS the teachers really look out for you, they really care for you, they want to know you.

Lindsay Patterson


SACS provides a "home away from home" Christian family for our daughter, and we feel blessed and humbled to be a small part of it.  

Lauren Duey


Middle school can be kinda tough, you want to make good grades. The teachers are always there to help no matter what. It makes middle school easier, and I love middle school.  

Kim Gerber


Beginning each day together as a school in prayer, connecting what the students are learning to the ultimate truths found in His word and the intentional focus on scripture. I know these early years [at SACS] are providing the framework for a life rooted in faith.

Caroline Davis


Every morning the teachers pray over us.  It's so awesome that they care about us so much. All of the teachers treat you like their number one priority. I just feel so welcomed.