As a parent, you want the best experience possible for your child during the pivotal middle school years.

You also understand that middle school can be a challenging time. Academic expectations are higher. They are also learning how to navigate relationships as they enter a new season of independence.

It is important for your child to be in a healthy environment that will support and encourage their God-given gifts and interests.

The middle school program at San Antonio Christian School is more than a transition between elementary school and high school. We offer an academically challenging curriculum within an encouraging community that prepares our students for high school and beyond.

Below, you will find a brief overview of what we offer, including information about our:

Faith. Character. Academic excellence.

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School Culture

  • Worldview Formation
    We integrate a biblical worldview throughout the educational experience — from the weekly chapel to the rich Bible classes. Your child will discover how God’s truth impacts every aspect of life. Every class, every event, and every relationship is designed to point our students to the Creator.
  • Strong Support System
    The middle school program at SACS is intentionally designed to provide a cohesive, engaging academic experience. We will challenge students to do more than they think they can while providing support and encouragement along the way.
  • A Place to Belong
    Building community is an important part of our culture. We encourage community among our students through key programming and events. At SACS, students are surrounded by fully engaged role models who know each child's strengths, gaps, struggles, and interests.
We treasure that our kids’ hearts, souls, and futures are considered in every decision that is made and that SACS is a community where the success of all of our kids is defined by so much more than just a grade. A Christ-centered education has given our kids the most important foundation for building their lives.

The Hicks Family

Hicks Family

Key Distinctives

At SACS, students enjoy challenging academics and enrichment experiences within a nurturing community.
  • Core Requirements
    Bible class is a core subject at SACS. We also offer a biblical worldview class in eighth grade. Latin, logic, and speech are required courses in middle school. English classes encompass literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.
  • Dynamic Electives
    Middle schoolers participate in outside-the-box elective experiences. For example, they get to build an Escape Room, take care of exotic creatures in Animal Care, and develop a foundational understanding of money and market dynamics through Business 101.
  • Arts Ownership
    Your child will have numerous opportunities to develop their artistic skills and express themselves through theatre, cinema, and music. The middle school theatre department is run by students, from cast and crew to lighting and sound.
  • Caring Faculty/Staff
    Our committed faculty get to know and engage with students on a personal level. Teachers attend productions and sporting events and have lunch with students in their rooms.

High School Prep

Equipping your child to thrive today and tomorrow.

Everything we do at SACS is designed to empower your child to succeed in middle school, high school, college, and life.

  • Meaningful Electives & Clubs
    Your child can get involved in everything from badminton and sign language to 4-H Club and CyberPatriots. These enrichment experiences are tremendous outlets for middle schoolers to connect, learn, and build a sense of community.
  • Language Exploration
    Latin students learn grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives. Students taking logic are exposed to logical reasoning techniques. In speech class, children develop and sharpen public speaking skills for a range of audiences in preparation for high school and college/career settings.
  • Competitive Athletics
    Whether your child wants to try a sport for the first time or go deeper into a sport they love, SACS offers multiple team and individual athletics opportunities, including basketball, soccer, football, cheerleading, track and field, cross-country, volleyball, golf, tennis, baseball, and softball.
  • Mentorship
    More than 70% of our teachers are involved in other activities around campus, allowing students to deepen mentorship relationships with their instructors. Coaches and staff invest time in helping students explore how to apply biblical truth to their lives.
  • Self-Advocacy
    We encourage our students to be their own academic advocates, which allows them to communicate their needs with their instructors. Guidance counselors offer support for academic goal setting and can assist students with individualized planners.
  • Leadership Development
    From our Student Ambassadors program to our service projects, your child can grow in character and gain valuable experience that extends well beyond the classroom.

Safe Environment

At SACS, we have made significant investments in physical and emotional safety to create an environment that helps middle school students thrive.
  • Campus: We have perimeter fencing, armed security guards, and surveillance cameras
  • People: We conduct background checks, safety drills, and emergency response training
  • Behavior: We hold our middle schoolers to a code of conduct rooted in biblical truth
  • Resolution: We want to resolve conflict and restore relationships in a respectful way
  • Partnership: We strive to maintain clear, transparent communication with families

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