Equipping Our Students

Building on the strength of our Elementary School program, we continue to prepare our Middle School students for academic excellence. This includes equipping young people for works of service so they may effectively impact their world for Christ.

With the Bible as the foundation and core of our curriculum, we integrate God’s truth in all subjects throughout middle school.


Navigating the Middle School Years

Navigating the Middle School Years

The transition to  middle school comes with BIG changes!

Learn some tips and gain insights from a middles school principal, and parent, on how to successfully manage this transition.



Middle School Courses

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Middle School Opportunities


The Middle School Bible Department is committed to teaching and training students the value of God’s Holy Word. A focus is placed on skills to help students learn to read, evaluate, and understand Scripture for themselves. The ultimate goal is for students to grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.


English classes are designed to encompass literature, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. Literature is taught from a Biblical worldview, with class discussion as an integral aspect of this instruction. Vocabulary Workshop provides a rigorous program to develop understanding and usage of new words. Grammar concepts are linked with specific skills to enhance writing. The Four Square method is used to facilitate organization in writing, and research skills are taught at each grade level. Independent reading benefits students in all subject areas,consequently each grade level requires students to participate in assigned reading throughout the year.


The Mathematics Department seeks to recognize attributes of God, namely His order, precision, and immutability that are reflected in this science. Mathematics enables students to refine their God-given abilities to reason and think logically, and to develop perseverance and attention to detail. Problem-solving strategies developed in this science can be applied in many areas of life. Daily homework should be expected in math as the practice and review is deemed essential to student success.


History classes at San Antonio Christian Middle School will examine and emphasize God’s sovereign plan of redemption and fulfillment of His kingdom on earth. Students will learn and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of God’s interaction with man, nature, social institutions, technology, and community. Extended consideration will be given to Biblical integration, political, international, economic, intellectual, and social themes. Students will make use of primary source documents, textbooks, project-based learning, cooperative learning, and researched-based learning to facilitate the understanding of course requirements. Students will establish higher-level thinking skills through essays, document-based questions, and critical reviews.


Science opens a doorway to understanding the creative majesty of God. As students study science, they become more aware of the magnificence of the creation and the Creator. Through its study, our students sharpen their thinking process, stretch their imagination, and learn how to reason logically and deductively. Our students learn to thoroughly record and analyze observations and data.

Foreign Language




Elective courses as outlined in the course offering guide are subject to change based on scheduling, student interest, and teacher availability.

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Fine Arts
    • Band
  • General Electives
    • Computers
    • Business 101
    • Sports 101
    • Exploring Languages
    • Connecting Reading & Writing
    • Science Explorations
    • Robotics
    • Study Hall
    • Bible Study
    • Animal Care
    • Escape Room
Student Organizations
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Praise Band
  • 4-H
  • Service Corps
Student Clubs & Activities
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Class Fellowships
  • Class Outreach
  • Class Retreats
  • Field Trips

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program allows students to exercise their God-given abilities in leadership, integrity and hospitality. 

Student Ambassadors are those who commit to leading by example, whether it be in academics, character, or overall school involvement. 

Middle School Student Involvement

Encouraging participation and commitment, our students have the opportunity to be engaged in a variety of activities that contribute to a well-rounded middle school experience.

One of our goals is to help students find ways to use their talents, whether in the classroom, on the field, the stage, or an area of service.

Middle School Opportunities at SACS

Middle School Opportunities

Sports Teams

Academic Competitions

Boot Camp



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