Great job to all students that participated in the Math Olympics at the area level!  We competed against 17 schools from across the South-Central Region.   

Third Grade Computation                                                                                 

Christian Bartholomew –Superior Ribbon                                                

Elhanan Tariku- Superior Ribbon                                           

Lena Cho- Superior Ribbon      


Third Grade Reasoning

Jay Hunter- Excellent Ribbon

Diego Sarreal -Superior Ribbon, 1st Place                                               

Jake Oefinger- Excellent Ribbon


Fourth Grade Computation                                                                                 

Danynn McDowell – Excellent Ribbon                                                       

Lily Odette – Superior Ribbon                                                                      

Evan Dehelean – Superior Ribbon     


Fourth Grade Reasoning

Christian Bailiff- Superior Ribbon, 2nd Place

Reagan Reeder- Superior Ribbon, 4th Place


Fifth Grade Computation                                                                                 

Sara Troyer   – Excellent Ribbon                                                                    

Justin Potts – Excellent Ribbon                                                                    

Jackson Chase – Excellent Ribbon       


Fifth Grade Reasoning

Lauren Hatcher- Superior Ribbon, 2nd Place

Tres Trevino- Superior Ribbon, 4th Place

Jack Hawkins- Superior Ribbon, 2nd Place                                                    


Thank you to all of the volunteers! We are so grateful to those who offered their time to assist with scoring, tabulating, monitoring, timing, and administering the tests.